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Flowing In Christ Ministries is continuing to exemplify and edify the kingdom of God through the following ministries:


At Flowing In Christ Ministries, we welcome individuals seeking a place for their families. Our diverse range of services, programs, small groups, and engaging opportunities are tailored to meet the needs of families like yours. Come and witness firsthand why Flowing In Christ Ministries is a place where you and your family are truly valued.




Hannah's Fellowship

We extend an invitation to all women to join us at our monthly gatherings where we come together for fun, fellowship, and encouragement in our journey with Christ. Our heart is dedicated to seeing every woman discover and nurture her identity in Christ.


Kingdom Kids

Welcome to Kingdom Kids, the vibrant Children's Church ministry of Flowing In Christ Ministries! Kingdom Kids is a place where children experience the joy of discovering God's love, learning biblical truths, and building a foundation for a lifelong relationship with Jesus. Through engaging activities, interactive lessons, and a nurturing environment, we are committed to helping children grow in their faith and understanding of the Kingdom of God.

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Generation Flow Youth Ministry

Welcome to Generation Flow, the dynamic Youth Ministry of Flowing In Christ Ministries! Dedicated to empowering the next generation, Generation Flow is a vibrant community where youth connect, grow, and thrive in their faith journey. Through engaging events, relevant discussions, and a spirit of unity, we inspire young minds to navigate life's challenges while deepening their relationship with Christ.


Flow Frontliners

Discover the heart of worship with Flow Frontliners, the dynamic praise and worship team of Flowing In Christ Ministries. Weekly they help us to ascend in the presence of the Lord.


Flowing In The Spirit Dance Ministry

Flowing In The Spirit Dance Ministry, the captivating dance team of Flowing In Christ Ministries, brings worship to life through the art of movement. Experience a fusion of faith and expression as we use dance to convey the spirit of praise and deepen our connection with God.

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